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3’x6′ Canfederate Ensign (c)


The ‘CANFEDERATE ENSIGN’ (c), or ‘CANADIAN REBEL FLAG’ (c) was a design I copyrighted in Feb. 2016 in response to our newly elected federal and Alberta provincial governments.  One could say that both governments were elected ‘accidentally’  as the electorate sought to teach the existing governments a lesson by either staying home, or voting for the left wing parties.  This backfired as the socialist vote mobilized creating the situation we face today.
In Canada, and Alberta in particular, we were faced with two levels of government with NO sense of fiscal responsibility, and the intent to cause as much chaos as possible during their terms in government.
As a free and Democratic Nation, we can do no more than wait until the next election.  As citizens in a FREE COUNTRY we have the RIGHT to express our displeasure with our government(s).
We can paste a bumper sticker to our car that says FU*K  TRUDEAU, or we can carry a protest placard.  We can rent a billboard if we want.  Some have even gone so far as to deface or burn our flag.  This is unacceptable.
MY RESPECT for those who have laid down their lives, or who today serve in our Armed Forces in our countries name, is too deep to even think of dishonouring our flag.
I love my country, but I am ashamed of our government.  Flying a protest banner is my way of publicly expressing my dissent with the government.
As Canadians, we excel at doing things just a little bit better.  This ranges from heroics on the battlefield to oilfield technology.  So, it stands to reason that I would take an iconic- though controversial icon from American history and ‘Canadianize’ it.  The 13 stars of the confederacy have  been replaced with maple leaves.  We have 10 provinces and 3 territories.
I could probably think of 13 REASONS to fly a PROTEST FLAG.

Please note:  This is a copy-righted image with all rights reserved.  Please do not duplicate or distribute without our permission.  Flags  are now in production and are now available for sale.  FYI:  We are using a Canadian manufacturer for best quality and personal integrity. This does cut into bottom-line profitability, but it is also a matter of putting one’s money where your mouth is.

Visit our ‘shop flags’ page to view our offerings and place your order. Thanks.


The Canfederate Ensign (c) or more commonly used name, The Canadian Rebel Flag (c) has been called by some, a symbol of
‘racist’ beliefs.  I will not get into a debate about what the CIVIL WAR Confederate Battle Flag symbolized.
The tactic of decrying ‘racism’ is meant to do one thing only: suppress the Constitutionally Guaranteed RIGHT to FREE EXPRESSION.  To be concerned for the future of our country and to feel safe on our own home does NOT involve racism, but COMMON SENSE!
*** Look for a future post that deals with the symbolism of  The Confederate Battle Flag and how the ‘Canfederate Ensign'(c) differs in design and intent.




I AM A PROUD CANADIAN.  My family has called CANADA home for over a century.  Some of my ancestors have been here since before the Vikings first set foot on Newfoundland’s shores- centuries before Columbus by the way.
In case you haven’t guessed, I am educated.  My credentials include a diploma in business administration, and a bachelorate in Political Science and History.  This doesn’t mean I could win a spelling bee.  And then, there are those CANADIANISMS I use: colour/ color.
While the main purpose of this website is to encourage political activism and to encourage the viewer to look at the issues presented, I also have capitalistic motives.  If you like what you see here, and want to publicly display your dissent- please purchase a flag.  In other words: If you aren’t buying what they’re selling, you need to buy a  CANADIAN REBEL FLAG (c).

4 Responses to About RebelFlag

  1. Shauna Tangerman says:

    Jeff, after reading the above, I certainly would put an “X” inside a box that has your name beside it. I too, did not vote Liberal or NDP. Also good on you for putting forth the effort to bring change.

  2. JeffHanson says:

    Thanks, Shauna. I appreciate the support, but I am not planning to run for office. In order to be electable these days, you would need credentials to run for pope. That ain’t me.

  3. Mike Ball says:

    I have been looking for a flag that feels right to me and I believe I just found it. The Canadian government has not been right for a long time. The legal system is absolutely disgusting, the way people are treated who haven’t been found guilty. Also the amount of funding being wasted on our police is dispicable to say the least.
    I thought I was gonna have to make one of these flags myself till I accidentally stumbled upon yours. I can’t think of a better way to show my rebellion against this system than flying this flag.
    It’s not racist is rebellion.
    You need to promote this flag more Jeff. Get the ads out there because more people need to unite behind a single shield. I will spread the word best I can.

    Thanks for your dedication and not parcelling this out to Chinese manufacturers.
    Made in Canada, for Canadians.

  4. Scott Martin says:

    THANK YOU. I will defiantly be ordering one of these. I have 2 flag poles and refuse to fly the Canada Flag or the Alberta Flag right now because of the Government that is in place. Something needs to change… Either we join the States or Separate and don’t care which but its time the west stands up again.

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