AND YET SO FAR:  Been waiting a couple weeks now for the flags to arrive.  Shipped by Canpar- which no longer has a depot in Red Deer AB.  Handed off to Canada Post for delivery. Which means a trip into the nearby village of Delburne to pick up the shipment.  One of three cartons arrived.  Contents of the box were the car door flags.  Oh well, maybe Monday.
Pricing information and PayPal will be added soon after. Bear with me.

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  1. JeffHanson says:

    MONDAY APRIL 25, 2016 Picked up the rest of the shipment from the Delburne AB post office. Opened up my first 3’x6′ Canadian Rebel Flag. SHE’S A BEAUTY!! Will be on sale ASAP. Price is $50. CAD plus shipping and handling.

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