TIMES have indeed changed. Back in the late ’70s (post Vietnam War) one of our greatest fears was from a Soviet invasion, or a stray nuke from over the pole. Fast forward a few decades and China controls too much of the world’s manufacturing capabilities, and Russia is simply waiting for our society to self- destruct.

WHO  would have thought that the greatest threat to our freedom and democracy would have been our own elected governments? In my earlier posts, I put forward the idea that a virus originating in a fish market in China was highly suspect, but how do you initiate a biological war without incurring nuclear retaliation? Then there is always the idea of a deep-seated conspiracy of unseen actors controlling the narrative behind the scenes. A cautious person would at least be skeptical,  but it would seem that most of the conspiracy theories are proving to be true.

THIS  Remembrance Day, or Veteran’s Day in the U.S., I will be marking the occasion at home, perhaps taking the time at 11:00 to reflect upon the beauty of the countryside surrounding my home, my own father’s service in WWII, the service and sacrifice of others to preserve the freedoms we have taken for granted for decades, and what lies ahead.

IN the not to distant future, we will have to replace our province’s premier, since he has shown terrible judgment in the management of the Covid crisis, and lacks the backbone to own up to his mistakes which have lead up to hundreds of unnecessary deaths and the uncontrolled spread of the virus. The honourable thing would be to resign, since in this ’emergency’ situation, neither he or the big pharmaceutical companies can be held liable. Instead, he has thrown his ‘top doctor’ under the bus to try to deflect attention to his dereliction of his responsibilities  as the leader of our province. (FYI: He was on holidays, and was nowhere to be found when infection numbers began to snowball.)  Now that the writing is on the wall, he is now trying to disparage the reputation of the man who is set to replace him. No guts, no class.

MY OWN personal stake in this issue is one of being one of millions who have recovered from a Corona virus infection, who are not allowed to dine in a restaurant, attend a public event, or travel abroad in spite of the fact that I have almost ZERO chance of being re-infected or transmitting the virus to others. The same cannot be said for those who have had two or three vaccinations. In fact, earlier predictions by the medical community and our governments were that we would beat the virus and return to normal through vaccinations and recoveries.  Now, it would seem that the Canadian and American governments are more interested in creating a HERD MENTALITY rather than HERD IMMUNITY.  To put it mildly, the smell of HORSE-SHIT is in the air.

THIS REMEMBRANCE / VETERAN’S DAY, I am legitimately in fear or our freedom being lost, and democracy being stolen from us.  We may have to take up arms once again.  Hope and pray not.  Lest we forget…

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