In just a week’s time,  or less- depending upon when you read this, we may have gotten rid of the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. Believe it or not, in spite of the fact that I designed and have been selling Canadian Rebel Flags (c) for over 5 years now, I am looking forward to taking down #6 and replacing it with The Canadian Maple Leaf.

Frankly, I am tired of all of the division that this incompetent, trust fund idiot and his minions have sown while trying to destroy the fabric of our great nation. I say this because I know that Canada will survive and we will re-unite as a nation. One thing that will bring us together is the knowledge of just how bad things have gotten these last 6 years. Our priorities will be identifying the real issues that threaten our lives, our livelihood, and our nation. Our greatest values: common sense and truth.

While there have been attempts in the media to portray the Canadian Rebel Flag (c) as being racist or rooted in racism, the truth is it is the liberals and their across the border allies, the Democrats, have done more to tear at the fabric of our society than any ‘hate’ group. Instead of accentuating the things that we have in common; our hopes and aspirations, our basic necessities of life, and a stable environment, we have had to deal with divisive acts and B.S. rhetoric from our governments. These people need to be shown the door on September 20.

My apologies for not inserting a picture of Canadian Rebel Flag(c) #6, which is starting to be a little frayed due to ‘climate change’. Then again, aren’t we all? While we know that some areas of the country will vote ‘our way’, we still need to send a message to our federal government just how strongly we believe a change is needed.



Flag of Canada

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