In the words of Andrew Dice Clay: “So many assholes- so few bullets.”  It seems that on every newscast we are presented with the ‘sky is falling’ scenarios by so-called experts in the medical field.  I would love to put a slug into the t.v. every time I hear the term ‘Top Doctor’.  Sure, they are doctors, but the more measures I see as a result of their expert diagnosis of the situation, the more apparent it is that these people don’t know shit from soft putty.  The greatest proof I can offer you is how the numbers seem to be going the wrong way in spite of all of the restrictive measures imposed by governments upon the advice of medical experts and statisticians.

Before our society became so much less polite, my college professors used to refer to political bullshit as ‘baffle-gab’.  One of the earliest clues to this was in the early stages of the pandemic where we had people being referred to as “asymptomatic spreaders” of the virus. The ‘a’ in academic terms means ‘no’. In other words: NO symptoms. In other words: HEALTHY.  The proper term would likely have been ‘pre-symptomatic’. (My spell- grammar check just boinked the term- so it either doesn’t exist until now, or microsoft doesn’t want the truth out there.) That would mean that you have contracted the virus but you haven’t shown symptoms yet. This also means that you are not yet spreading the virus, so once again, more bullshit.

If you are reading this, you KNOW that the media is duplicitous in this conspiracy. Of the 5 Ws of legitimate journalism, how many are we being allowed to see?  For a few weeks now, I have asked on various media postings on social media HOW MANY COVID CASES CAN BE ATTRIBUTED TO  THE   SAINT ALBERT ALBERTA CHURCH that was fenced off and now guarded by the RCMP like it is a CRACK HOUSE?  From what I have been able to ascertain- there has not been a single case.    NONE, ZERO, NADA.
This only goes to show that if you engage in a pissing contest with the government, you will loose.  But, this also goes to show the extent that the government will go to in order to follow the narrative that has been created.

Right now it looks like our mainstream political parties cannot be trusted. Either they are a part of the conspiracy or they will not stand for the TRUTH- because the majority of people have been indoctrinated to believe only the lies, and to not question the ‘science’. It is now time to demand that our political parties either stand for the TRUTH, or we will replace them with ‘our people’.
One post making the rounds on social media has to do with the fierce predator that has no fear of a single bee. However, when 10,000 bees arrive in a swarm- the predator flees. You and I are individual bees. Do not lose hope- refuse to be silenced.
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