Back in the 1960s a group called ‘Buffalo Springfield’ sang the song ‘For What it’s Worth’.  For me, it was Steven Stills’ guitar work that hooked me on this ‘Anti-establishment/ Vietnam War protest song. The lyric: “There’s something happening here- what it is ain’t exactly clear.” is as true today as it was over 50 years ago.
The truth is that we have more to fear today than ‘American Imperialism’ from half a century ago.  Whatever is going on is world-wide, and while the big picture is unclear, a number of the puzzle pieces are concerning to say the least. I have to admit that I began this year optimistic- in spite of the fact that Southern Ontario had helped to re-elect the Trudeau Liberals, albeit as a minority government. Minority governments tend to fall before their term- especially those that prove to be inept and corrupt. Then, the MADE IN CHINA virus spread into North America.
One of the things that has made the Province of Alberta one of the best places in the world to call home is the fact that we are most like an American frontier state than a province of Canada. (With the exception of the terrible mistake of accidentally electing the socialist NDP to one chaotic term in office.)  In the past, we have been referred to as a province of ‘rugged individualists’. Until the arrival of the China Virus, we were looking into ways to dig out from under 4 years of mis-management and deficit spending.  All of this has gone out the window.
Until the last few weeks, the number of covid positive numbers have been low, and things were starting to return to some form of normalcy.  The wildfire like spread of the virus has been blamed on young party goers who spread the virus to the general population.  Oddly enough, this didn’t happen as young thugs were burning and looting various American cities.
Being anti-social, I have had no problem with social distancing mandates. In fact, I prefer it that way. One of the things that I have noticed in the last few weeks, is that in cities that have passed masking bylaws, numbers of covid positive tests have increased considerably- where numbers should have gone the other way. NO ONE has pointed out this correlation. Why?  Since numbers have been increasing exponentially, our Provincial Government has caved to pressure and passed very restrictive measures- instead of questioning the ‘science’.
NOW we cannot visit our children or see our grandchild without fear of being fined if someone RATS US OUT.  This should not be a concern so long as all parties are healthy.  What is concerning is our government encouraging its citizens to collaborate in FASCIST tactics.  This, in freedom loving ALBERTA.
SOUTH OF THE BORDER (if it ever opens up again), we have the real possibility of 4 years of the Democrats in the White House. Sorry to say, I am not optimistic that Trump, or some of the Republican states will be able to overturn the election results. Face it, Biden and Kamalahumps are sock puppets for Obama and the Clintons.  If you think things sucked when Obama left office, you will soon be watching a tsunami of socialism washing over the United States- all a foreshadowing of the pending New World Order.
A couple of years ago it looked like Venezuela was finally going to overthrow its socialist dictatorship and return to democracy and a decent standard of living. What prevented this from happening was that the military kept the dictator in power instead of showing him the door or putting him in front of a 21 gun salute.  One of the things about this that I question to this day is why did the military not side with the people? Soldiers are sons, brothers, and fathers of the people they are helping to oppress.  Considering what is going on here today, I have to ask those serving their country where they will stand if it looks like democracy as guaranteed by our constitution, is at risk?
The main idea behind the American second amendment to the Constitution is this: when we have more to fear from our government than we do from foreign invasion, we need an armed militia. It follows necessarily that the individual should have the right to bear arms for personal protection and to maintain a free society.  And yet, we have a Federal government outlawing various classifications of firearms and setting up a gun buy-back scheme- all of this in order to curb gang violence in a few of our major cities.  Duck hunters aren’t gang-banging criminals. I call BULLSHIT.
Some time in the future, we are going to have to take our government back from as yet unseen agents, hopefully by democratic means. Is the REBEL FLAG relevant to you?  Visit our ‘buy flags’ page and show your colours.


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