IT should have come as no surprise that our Prime Minister,  the ‘little potato’, would use the present situation to advance his agenda.  To use the tragedy in Nova Scotia as a power grab to disarm the Canadian public shows just how obvious Trudeau’s intentions are.  Now that the dust has settled, we know that the shooter had obtained all of his guns ILLEGALLY, and that at least one was smuggled across the border from the U.S.
HAVE you noticed that when some people have an agenda, that they don’t let logic or truth interfere with their actions?  We are left to wonder just how far Trudeau and his cronies are willing to go.  We have given up much to help contain the Chinese Virus- but that is about to end.  Sick or not, we will not surrender our freedom without a fight.
THE Second Amendment  to the American Constitution came about not as a result of fearing a foreign invader, but from the  fear of an unchecked Federal Government.  That is: If you have more to fear from your government…
Our Canadian Constitution has no such provision-  courtesy of the senior potato. Therefore, we have no such recourse or constitutional guarantee except to go beyond our ‘constitution’ to its very roots- The British North America Act or perhaps to the Magna Carta itself.  After all, the Queen is still the Head of our Nation.
WHILE the easy course would be for a patriot to end the issue with a single shot, we are Canadian after all. We will wait until we can end this government’s term in office with a NON-CONFIDENCE VOTE.  Our Provincial Premiers need to present a united front to oppose this gun-grab, even if it means inviting the RCMP to return to Ottawa and set up our own Provincial Police Forces.  If the goal is peace and good governance, we must also patrol our own borders to cut off the flow of smuggled weapons, and to impose more severe sanctions on those who use guns to commit crimes.
gun owners either need to join the NRA (National Rifle Association), or create a Canadian equivalent that can lobby governments, disseminate non-partisan information,  or provide legal resources to present a constitutional fight of anti-gun legislation that will deprive Canadian citizens of freedom.
PEOPLE are beginning to show images of Canadian Flags flown upside down on social media posts.  It is an international distress symbol.  Fly a Canadian Rebel Flag instead.  Give the ‘little potato’ the finger.  Visit our ‘shop flags’ page.


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