RIGHT NOW it should be apparent to anybody including the vision-impaired that there is a war going on.  Do you honestly believe that the Corona Virus just happened to appear in a Chinese market- resulting from poor food handling practices?  If you believe this, ask yourself  where the Corona Virus has occurred previously.  In a petrie dish in a germ lab somewhere.  When you look at the worldwide chaos this virus has caused, you have to know that you don’t have to strap a suicide vest on some dope to ‘weaponize’ a human.

ALBERTA is now in full-on crisis mode- not as a result of viral infections, but as a result of the economic fallout of travel restrictions and OPEC trade wars.  Time to get off this band wagon.  We first need to face a few facts.  Firstly, we need to recognize the fact that oil scarcity, the driving reason for higher commodity prices, is a myth.  And, at this time we have no friends in this market.  Our American neighbours, once our biggest market, are now ‘net exporters’ who get world prices for their oil as opposed to our severely discounted Western Canada Select- which is conventional oil and not ‘tar sands’ bitumen.

ONE of the lessons I learned when faced with insurmountable opposition, was to learn their rules for operation and find ways to beat them at their own game.  As an example, Alberta (and Canada) would be much better off simply by mandating a ban on foreign oil imports.  Would we have to hand Quebec 13 Billion a year if they bought our oil?  Here’s 2 factors to consider:  Quebec is buying oil at the ‘World Price’ for American Dollars. They are also paying the premium between West Texas Intermediate and Western Canada Select oil.  So, you have a 25 cent difference in the currency exchange as well as a $15. difference in the oil prices.  What’s the carbon footprint of shipping oil from halfway around the planet as opposed to a pipeline?  One common-sense measure that would easily get Quebec out of our hip pocket.

OIL will be a significant driver for our economy as the basis for transporting goods and people across our vast country for years to come.  The best way not to be a victim of a trade war is to not participate.  The idea of processing and further refining our petroleum and natural gas into higher value products is not new, but now is the time to invest in our future by entering other markets.  We need to find new markets with countries that are not bent on worldwide economic domination.  Be the Switzerland of trade so to speak.

IN order to end the economic and political exploitation of our province, we need to start conducting ourselves as an independent nation or state.  This would mean looking for trading partners outside of our borders and beyond competing trading partners.  As an example, we could look at trade with South America.  We could trade beef and lumber for coffee and hardwoods ethically, and do our bit to preserve the rain forests.  The U.S. is missing a huge opportunity that would stabilize their southern border and help to create Fortress America.

FORTRESS ALBERTA can be built with common sense measures and strategies.  One of the things that seems obvious is that for the most part our governments are oblivious to the past.  Very few of our ‘issues’ today are new.  We have dealt with epidemics before.  We have faced climate related issues.  The situations are the same- only the players change, and most are idiots.  While the NDP tried to create more diversity and more vertical processing of our resources, they obviously didn’t use their heads.  Case in point being a $330. million investment in producing plastic from propane.  Sounded good on paper, but it ignored the fact that there exists a huge facility in Joffre AB.  that turns natural gas into plastic feed stocks.   Besides unnecessary duplication, it ignored the fact that the world is swimming in plastic waste that needs to be recycled. A ‘green’ opportunity missed.

YEARS ago, when Alberta was facing soil erosion from dust-bowl conditions of the 1930s, the government of the day encouraged the development of windrow shelterbelts by providing bushes and saplings to farmers.  As a carbon offset, and a way to play the fed’s game, would it not be smart to embrace green electricity production?  However, instead of solar farms, would it not be smarter if we had farms with solar capacity instead?   Practically every fence line in the province could provide electricity and shade for cattle at the same time.  Add in building and barn roofs.  Then there are urban roofs, get the idea?

HISTORY will show you that electrical, natural gas and telephone infrastructure was developed in this province by our government funded by taxpayers and the true owners of our resources-  the people of Alberta.  The province needs to do this again.  This time, we need to retain ownership and control rather than hand it over to corporate donors in the guise of government deregulation and downsizing.  Have you looked at your electricity and natural gas bill lately?

I could go on- and I probably will at some other time.  I just a little food for thought out there for you to digest.  By the way, I still have flags if you want to express your dissent with the federal government or the world in general.  Visit our ‘shop flags’ webpage.


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