How To End It

LET’S just say that these rail blockades must end NOW.  While I have written before, that  it is my hope that native people take advantage of what ‘the system’ offers them to help buy back the country that was taken from them.  Unlike our southern neighbours, the British and French bought the country out from under the native peoples.  In some cases, in less than honourable or fair means- to be charitable.  Besides being an over-educated redneck, I am also 1/4 Cree.

WHAT is happening in Belleville is not about a NATURAL GAS PIPELINE.  If you think the Mohawk’s timing was just a coincidence for when the Prime Minister was in Africa trying to BUY a UN Security Council seat- you would be mistaken.  In case you haven’t noticed, Canada has a less than stellar record with the UN Human Rights Commission for it’s treatment of aboriginal peoples.  The Mohawk’s blockade is leverage against Trudeau’s desire for that UN seat.  For this reason, I am sympathetic to their cause.  Trudeau promised big things for ‘first nations’ and delivered nothing of substance- all this while handing out hundreds of millions to off-shore causes.

LIKE in most issues, timing is everything.  POINT MADE- TIME TO MOVE ON.  To buy into the idea that the ‘hereditary’ chiefs of the B.C. tribe represent their people is plain WRONG.  20 bands along the Coastal Gas link pipeline signed on in order to see real economic benefits for their peoples, as did 85% of the WetsuWeten band (Forgive my spelling here.) and their democratically elected chiefs.  To say the hereditary chiefs have any say in the matter here would be about the same as Prince Harry appointing himself King of Canada.

WHEN you consider the economic damages to the country alone, as well as personal suffering caused to uninvolved Canadians, and the damage to our nation’s reputation worldwide, these blockades MUST END NOW.

FIRSTLY, in the instance of new uprisings, deal with the issue immediately.  Haul protesters off the rail lines or other infrastructure and charge them with Criminal Trespass and whatever else that would arise from their arrests.  Identify them, and if they are indeed from out of the country, fine or jail them and then deport them and ban them from entering the country for life.

AS for the Mohawk blockade at Belleville, it should go down something like this: RCMP tactical officers or Canadian Armed Forces troops establish a perimeter around the area and end all access to the area.  Cel Phone service to the area is cut off.  Officers offer the protesters the opportunity to pack up and leave immediately or else face charges.  The message:  POINT TAKEN- TIME TO MOVE ON.  Failure to do so will result in a heavily armed presence around the blockade.  Fly drones overhead to surveil the camp.  Without a supportive audience and an apparent threat of sanctions or severe consequences, the situation will soon come to an end.

BELIEVE it or not, some of us white rednecks (and any thinking person) are sympathetic to the cause- as we do not want to see our country or our freedom stolen from us in some sort of GLOBALIST CONSPIRACY.  Our Prime Minister is a pawn, and his liberal, socialist supporters are ‘useful idiots’ in the greater scheme of things.  Don’t be on the wrong side of history.

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