FOR those of us who grew up in the infancy of ‘liberal’ education, we were told about the tyranny of the majority.  Particularly, from ‘the establishment’ or ‘big brother’. Now that we have seen what the effects that creeping socialism as imposed on us by left wing political parties can cost both society and the economy.  For those of you who have read through my collection of posts, you will know that in societal shifts- we shed one set of chains for another.
ONE of the primary roles of government is to provide the average person with protection from exploitation and various forms of harm.  We have police to protect us from criminals.  We have laws to regulate banking and commerce to protect us from corporate greed.  How’s that been working out lately?  In some cases it seems that we now need protection from our own governments.  Up here in the ‘Great White North’ we see our Prime Minister handing out money like he has a printing press, or a bottomless well to draw from.  Meanwhile, Canadian citizens are left to fend for themselves.
LATELY we see on the news where we are being held for ransom by various small groups throughout our country.  Even when we have measures that are beneficial for our entire nation, that have passed all of the regulatory measures and Supreme Court mandated consultations, we still have non-elected groups and individuals who want to impose their will upon the majority of society.  Is this a conspiracy by outside and covert operators to tie up our nation’s resources and cripple our economy?  Let’s just say that a case could be made.
WHEN we have our national railroad and marine ports tied up by ‘protesters’ and our government does nothing to remove the threat to our livelihood,  it is time we have a change of government as they are no longer  acting in the nation’s best interest.  This goes beyond government incompetence to complicity.  While it may be a bit of a stretch to call these ‘protesters’ terrorists, it is clear that we can no longer show leniency to those who tie up our infrastructure costing society millions of dollars in lost income.  The punishment must now fit the crime.
FORGET  the Green Peace slap on the wrist.  It is time that ‘these people’ see serious consequences- like real jail time, or substantial fines that represent the costs to our society that these criminal acts cause.  Besides deterrence, perhaps we would also be able to flush the unknown provocateurs from the shadows.

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