TO BE HONEST, I am having some issues with this years marking of  Remembrance Day, or Veteran’s Day south of the border.  For one thing, I am having a problem with the fact that winter has arrived in our neck of the woods.  And NO, it is NOT Climate Change- it is just one of those years.  Hopefully, we may see a mild winter, but I wouldn’t count on it.

FRANKLY, it pisses me off that so many are willing to trample over the graves of our fallen soldiers just to begin the ‘CHRISTMAS’ shopping stampede. HELL, the Americans haven’t even gotten their Thanksgiving out of the way yet.  This is something TRUMP needs to issue a proclamation for.


BACK to the subject at hand, two words that are constantly being pushed at us by the media: sacrifice, and freedom, are being trampled into the mud of corporate greed.  Look at the word ‘sacrifice’.  It begins with the word sacred- a connection to divinity, like a divine gift.  Can you think of some other divine gift? Perhaps, like some Jewish carpenter who died a couple of thousand years ago?  The fact is these men died to prevent evil from over-running half of the world.  The sad fact is that millions of people died (on both sides) through the actions of a few hundred evil men who either took the coward’s way out, or stood trial at Nuremberg.

WHAT WE SEE today is only the tip of the iceberg. Democracy and ‘freedom’ as we know it is suffering a death of a thousand cuts.  One of the lessons the side of evil has learned is to remain invisible.  Those people we do see are ‘useful idiots’, like the Swedish enviro- sock puppet, and left leaning politicians like the Democrats, or the socialist parties in Canada.  Institutions like the United Nations that were established in the post-war years to provide a means to peacefully resolve conflict between nations and peoples, and to help create a more egalitarian world has become the face of the coming ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  The so called  “Climate Emergency” is the latest subterfuge tactic aimed at creating dissent in peaceable western democratic nations.  To what end?

ANY THINKING PERSON can see that the greatest issue facing humanity on this earth is OVER-POPULATION. Yet, very little has been said.  The simple fact is that the human population is exceeding the world’s capacity to feed everyone. If you couple that with the fact that climate variations or cycles can affect food production, we have a REAL problem.
is simple: quit breeding like rats.  And yet, we get STUPID-ASSED measures like COLONIZING MARS that takes billions of dollars away from logical, common sense ideas like fixing the problems we have down here on earth before we die off en-mass.  WTF?
Take the burning of the Amazon Rain Forests for example:  we have a bunch of poor-assed farmers setting fire to the rain forest just to raise skinny-assed cattle.  Considering the wealth of exotic woods and vegetation growing in this area, the common sense solution would simply be to trade them beef for their goods.  Why doesn’t this happen?  Or, who doesn’t want this to happen?

I would like to think that those who lost their lives in the name of what is good aren’t looking down on us now with tears in their eyes.  They know a war is coming.  Our freedom is again at risk.  We must be vigilant and see the truth when we are fed a diet of lies and distracting B.S.  We need to stand behind those of our leaders who are fighting for our freedoms.  As was said years ago:  “Evil will triumph, if good men choose to do nothing.”
While this age 
has brought a world of our information to our finger tips, what we seem to lack is plain, old common sense.  It doesn’t require a PHD, just a willingness to look at an issue with an open mind, and to seek out more information than the 30 second video bites that the media feeds to us.

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