To borrow something from the LGBQT community:
TODAY, I self-identify as an ALBERTAN.

SO  Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives couldn’t get the job done.  Considering what a target Trudeau and the Liberals were- it was Scheer’s race to lose.  And he did.  The GOOD NEWS is, he will probably get the chance to try again in the near future.
FIRST  order on the agenda is to get better advisors.  It is one thing to stick to your talking points (or agenda), it is quite another to sound like a talking doll with one pull string message.  Thanks to media coverage, using the same talking points repetitively made (Scheer) look two dimensional and slow to adapt to outside influences on the campaign. True, that some of the B.S. wouldn’t have warranted comment in a contest of thinking adults. This wasn’t that kind of campaign.
NEXT  time around, DEBATE the issues.  Every issue has two sides.  As an example: just because you don’t buy into the climate change agenda doesn’t necessarily entail that you are some knuckle dragger who believes the earth is flat.  Climate change is a fact that has existed since we first had a climate.  The issue is whether human activity is having any significant effect.  Next, is this our (Canada’s) problem?
THE best counter to those who drank the climate change koolaid  would have been to sell our good stewardship of our resources as well as the business opportunities of selling clean technology to the rest of the world. I have to give due credit to the Greens for campaigning on this idea. It’s just that the rest of their campaign was too far out there for them to be a credible alternative.
AS I commented on a Facebook post:  now we can begin the inquiries on Outside Interference  in the actual election. If you think little Gretta’s visit to Canada was just a happy coincidence- you would be wrong.  Who footed the bill for her tour?  Would it have been out of line to tell Barack Obama to mind his own business, or to at least toss out the economic impact on Canada and Alberta of Obama’s stay in the White House?  And, who funded the Liberal campaign?
With today’s dependence on technology, and the failure of our educational system to actually educate our children, it would seem that every issue we encounter is a ‘new’ one.
Once again we have an arrogant asshole named Trudeau calling the shots in Ottawa- largely backed by Quebec and parts of Ontario. (read that Toronto and its environs)
Resource rich Alberta is about to be bled to death by the Federal Government. (Carbon tax coming)   Meanwhile, Quebec (Now a nation, and not just a province) will still be the benefactor of our national equalization policy to the tune of 13 Billion Dollars.
WE CAN choose to wait until the Liberals piss off those propping up their minority government, or we can start rocking the boat NOW.  Let’s send our elected Conservatives back to Ottawa to be the Queen’s Loyal Opposition to tie up the House of Commons like the Democrats to the south.  Perhaps to remind the NDP and the BQ who the real ‘Bloc’ is, maybe a show of Conservative Party blue suits would be appropriate.
THE  lesson from history is this:  Back in 1980 when Alberta was suffering under the tyranny of TRUDEAU V-1, a savior appeared in the form of Premier Peter Lougheed.  The Lougheed government played hardball with the Trudeau Liberals and was able to rescue the Alberta oil industry from a federal takeover.  We now have Premier Jason Kenney and like-minded Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe to take the fight to  Justin Trudeau and his socialist backers.  If Trudeau’s strategy is to divide and conquer- then bring it.  Lets see what happens when we quit paying into the equalization scheme and withhold tax revenues.   Let’s find other markets for goods we ship to Quebec and see how far their social license takes them.  The east needs us a hell of a lot more than we need them.
MY  tenure as the chairman of a local union taught me one valuable lesson:  rather than just use the threat of strikes- use the system of rules to our advantage.  Point being, we are better served to stay and fight and win than we are to pack up and go it alone in a larger, more hostile playing field.
Of course, you could fly something that says that the fight is far from over.  Visit our ‘buy flags’ page.

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