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YES, I still have FLAGS FOR SALE.  Okay, so I haven’t posted since December 2018.  I have been posting on Facebook (c), and have posted some entries on the Canadians Against the Liberals and NDP on Facebook. (They have since changed their name to Canadians Against the Left.)
SO, Happy Day!  The NDP got the boot in ALBERTA! NEXT, the Liberals in Ottawa.  You can still give Trudeau and the Liberals the FINGER by purchasing your 3×6′ Canadian Rebel Flag (c) and flying it with PRIDE.
Of note:  in response to Bills C69 and C48, Conservative Premiers have joined together in solidarity to oppose passage of these JOB KILLING pieces of legislation by the Liberals.  They even go so far as to suggest that passage of these bills pose a threat to Canadian Unity.
NOW of interest here is the fact that the times when Western Alienation and Separatism 
have been in the news, it has always involved opposition to policies in Ottawa, and by default Ontario.  Today, the Conservative alliance involves Doug Ford’s Ontario Conservatives, and even New Brunswick.  Ontario opposing Ottawa?
IF YOU follow where I am going, it is starting to look like ‘The Rest Of Canada’ is finally getting to the point where we would like to HELP Quebec achieve Nation-hood, and separate.   At the same time, we can rid ourselves of Trudeau and the Liberals.  A little far-fetched, but..
So, visit our ‘shop flags’ page and hit that purchase button.

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