My favorite song dates back to the 1960’s by a group called ‘Buffalo Springfield’.  The song is called For What It’s Worth’.  It was meant as an anti-establishment anthem against the Vietnam War and for civil rights issues. The guitar work by Steven Stills is what held my attention.  The song begins with the lines “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.” 

MY mother  used to tell me that ‘things will make more sense when you are older.’  Well, I am older (60+), and things make even less sense than they did back then.  The truth is that there is something happening here- we just can’t put our finger on what it is. One of the problems being that most of us are mired in our own personal circumstances- no job, high cost of living, taxes, and interest rates.  We are also dealing with ‘the other side’s’ deception and subterfuge.

IN my  parent’s generation the threat to world peace and democracy was obvious: Hitler’s Germany and Imperial Japan. The free world and Russia mobilized to defeat the enemy. Today, Germany is Europe’s economic engine, and Japan invaded America back in the ’60s and left behind their auto brands and consumer electronics.  War, what do you think it’s good for?

TODAY, there is no obvious enemy- no Bismark to sink or Zero to shoot down.  We don’t know where it is coming from, but the hits keep coming.  We are told that ‘The number one issue we face is climate change’, and that only TAXES will solve the problem. The conspiracy theorists among us will tell you that these taxes are just the re-distribution of wealth- part of the coming ‘New World Order’ with its accompanying ‘One World Government’.  Let’s not get ahead of our selves here.

THE OBVIOUS greatest problem our world faces is human population.  The second problem we face is finite resources- particularly FOOD.  The obvious solution to the problem is to quit breeding like rats.  How do you tell this to ‘Third-world’ and developing nations without inviting warfare or terrorism?  We could try to build a wall around our society and let them starve themselves to death or kill each other.  (Sound familiar?)  The obvious answer is to tie aid and social progress with conditions that beneficiaries must meet. 

WHERE the U.N. has failed in its intent and mission, is that in the interests of appearing ‘democratic’ every “shit-hole” nation on the planet has a voice in this issue.  The truth is that the U.N. allows as members any nation with despotic, un-democratic, and even genocidal leadership.  For first world nations to condemn such governments bring counter accusations of ‘Imperialism or Colonialism’.  After all, NO ONE has the ‘right answer’, right?

WAR could be charitably described as a conflict of values and approaches to reach a desired outcome. War is coming.  The battle lines are being drawn.  Capitalism/ Democracy vs. Socialism.  As much as I consider the American President to be a JACKASS, he is shining a light on the Socialist agenda.  The primary HOLE in the theory of Socialism, and indeed Communism, is the fact that the corrupt and morally bankrupt form of leadership at the top is only replaced by another.  Although egalitarianism is the basis of both of these ideologies- it is merely a fallacy in real-world practice.  Even in the world of ‘Star Trek’, there are the Captains, Admirals, and the grunts labouring in the engine room of ‘The Star Ship  Enterprise.’

THE PROBLEM we face today is the fact that we can not trust either side.  Since my Canadian Rebel Flag (c) is based upon the Confederate Battle Flag (as well as a few others), I will again repeat the assertion that Black People of the Confederate States merely exchanged one set of chains for another.  Our ‘DEMOCRATIC’ society is led more by unseen faces on Wall Street than by our democratically elected representatives in government. 

NO ONE can argue the fact that Capitalism and Democracy have led to the greatest leap of progress this earth has ever seen.  And yet, some of the foundation has rot that must be dealt with if we are to survive as a species.  The first step is to elect those who speak the truth- even if there are some who will be offended.  It is also time that we present our side.  We need our Al Gore/ Micheal Moore equivalents to show the world that what we are doing is ethically and environmentally sound. The truth is out there- even on Facebook.  Of the oilsands, one of my favorite postings shows 1.2 million trees planted by oilsands producers, and ZERO trees planted by Greenpeace.  Or, how about the TransMountain Pipeline: in operation for 62 years with no oil spills?  Russian hacked propaganda, or FACTS?

IRREFUTABLE Truth beats propaganda every time.  It is time the truth be told. 

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