THE latest tactic by the ‘Democratic’ left is to find someone to come forward with a tale of wrong-doing to derail any and all appointments of conservative leaning candidates.  In short, you would need to have the credentials to become the next POPE.  By the time you read this, it may be all over- or not.  Keep in mind the saying about getting the last word in an argument with your wife only being the first word in the next fight.
in point being the U.S. Supreme Court post appointment of Brett Kavanaugh. A woman has come forward making rape accusations dating back to 1982 when they were both teenagers. It is alleged that Kavanaugh forced himself upon her at a party and made death threats while being severely intoxicated.  TRUMP made note that if this happened, why was this not reported to the police?  The liberals instantly began screaming about ‘victim blaming‘.  But, the question still stands; so what is the truth?  A witness has already said that “nothing happened”.
IF the liberal Democrats can’t make this stick, will they go further back in this man’s life to when he may have played ‘doctor’ as a child? 
Hopefully this circus gets shut down before much longer.  I also hope that this blows up in the Democrats faces as they have done ZERO as far as constructive actions that would actually benefit the people of the U.S.  With the main election only two years away there is yet to be an appearance of a credible candidate for the U.S. presidency. No one on the horizon who will unite the American people or move the nation ahead. (Sad truth is this may also include the Republican Party as well.)
THE ‘ME TOO’ movement is about to become irrelevant by becoming puppets of liberal politicians and the all too frequent cries of ‘WOLF’.  For some, their 15 minutes of fame will lead to a lifetime of closed doors ahead of them.
will leave you with this thought about Black Lives Matter: Why is it that you never see them trying to bust into a LABOR DAY PARADE?

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