REBEL FLAG .ca  has gone ‘International!  Last month: June 2018 we made our first sale to the United States.  It had to happen someday: an ex-patriot Canadian, a Canadian sympathizer, or even a collector of Confederate based flags.  There may even be such a thing as a Canadian ‘BAD ASS’.  (Remember that Canadian and British troops burned the White House during the war of 1812.)  The presidential White House occupant might want to re-write that historical fact to suit his current narrative.
The image that accompanies this post is a South to North view of the southernmost point of Canada: Middle Island in Lake Erie.
I might have to change the pricing structure to cover the new ‘reality’ of Carbon Taxes and Trade Tariffs for international orders.
Today’s takeaway is this:  Canadian products are so much cheaper than American goods for one BIG reason:  the CAD (Canadian dollar) is trading at around .75.  That is a 25% discount for American buyers.  We get to pay around $1.30 for $1.00 of U.S. goods.  Free trade? Hardly.
AAND…   Tariffs are a TAX designed to make imported goods more expensive purportedly to encourage sales of domestically produced goods.  The 25% tariff being lobbed across our border is an additional tax that YOU AND I get to pay to OUR respective governments.  THIS ‘TRADE WAR’ IS NOTHING MORE THAN A TAX GRAB!

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