Guns, Guns, Guns.


YOU  would think that the most recent school shooting would be the last.  With kids taking to school walk-outs and protest marches, and parents of shooting victims pleading to their governments- even shouting at the ‘President’ to do something, you would think that the killing would stop.  No one with a heart and half a brain wants to see this happen.
ONE of the problems with today’s society is that we pin labels on everybody so that we can think we understand where they come from.  If you are in favor of ‘gun control’ for example, you are labeled a ‘liberal’.  I have to argue: since when did common sense make someone a liberal?  Selling guns to someone with a criminal record or a history of questionable behaviors is a no-brainer- you just don’t do it.
CRIMINALS will still obtain guns illegally- that is how they do it in Canada and other nations that have state-run gun control measures.  It may even be possible that people with ‘issues’ may do this as well. Or, they just might go out and rent a U-haul truck instead.
WHAT IF the issue isn’t guns itself, but SCHOOL instead?  Look at the shooters: socially awkward,
often bullied; triggered by some instance of rejection.  Looking back, even after 40+ years, I can say that this is NOTHING NEW.  The ‘misfits’ of my generation found other ways to deal with the issue: we built hot rods, rode motorcycles, went to bush parties.  An unfortunate outcome was that there would most often be one or two kids each year who died- either accidentally or by their own hand.
WITHOUT giving myself too much credit, I can state that our efforts to parent our children turned out successfully.  Our son and daughter stayed away from drugs and (for the most part) alcohol, got a good education, are hard working and honest. This comes as feedback from people who have had interaction with them in the ‘real’ world.  Where I give credit to a higher power is that they have been spared from falling victim to the acts of other people.  Either accidental or deliberate.
THE fact is the information is out there to prevent these terrible acts from happening.  Liberals will tell you that taking guns out of the hands of people will stop this. (see above) 40+ years ago people brought guns to school prominently displayed in the rear windows of pickup trucks- and no one at school got shot.  While we also had The 3 stooges, and various Warner Brothers cartoons with tons of violent acts- we did not have video games that gave you points for killing people and stealing cars.  The difference is we had people who gave us perspective so that we could discriminate between fantasy and reality. That was the role of a PARENT.
THAT’S RIGHT.  Our parents did not rely upon the T.V. or the school
system to properly socialize their children.  They saw it as their job to raise a ‘normal’ human being. Certainly, looking back, some of what we considered normal was pretty screwed up, but most of us were given the tools to change things from how we grew up.
ONE thing I knew I had to do as a parent was help my kids survive HIGH SCHOOL.  One strategy was to imprint on them that there is life outside of and after school.  Not everyone can be an athlete or a rocket scientist.  It was a struggle to find something that the kids could be passionate about.  One battle was about video games, we had to draw our son back into our world with hands-on participation.  We had family pets which helped to encourage empathy.  If anything is ‘key’ here, it is to simply be a good ROLE MODEL.  It isn’t enough to tell them “do as I say” when they need to “do as I do” as well.
IF there is blame to be laid on our educational system, it has to do with what is taught.  It isn’t hard to see that the ‘liberal’ left has gotten control over the school system and their ideology is being spoon fed to our kids.   Education is not about left or right wing ideology, but in teaching our children HOW to think.  In a get back to basics strategy, fact and truth should be the information our kids see, tempered by one factor-  common sense.

FUNNY it used to be hard to come up with a few hundred words for a school ‘report’ or ‘essay’, and how it would be easy to continue this discourse.  In case you wondered where the title of this essay is from;  it was a war protest song by The Guess Who, part of my generation- also a song by The Who.
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