WHEN I conceived this website, I had hoped to tie in with the tide of political dissent, and see where it will lead.  Since I have had to deal with the economic repercussions of the election of ‘liberal’ governments these last couple of years, I have not had the time to sit at the keyboard as much as I would like.  This, coupled with the fact that I haven’t sold 50,000 Canadian Rebel Flags (c) from this website, has meant I have let this   endevour slide.  Sorry Folks!

BEFORE  we had the Liberals and the NDP dropped on us, my focus was on other targets such as the stock markets, banks, and major corporations.  If anything, once you get past the fact that our Prime Minister appears to be a Jackass, you no longer have to wonder if there is an actual conspiracy towards globalization.  While it would be nice if we all got along, you have to wonder what the cost would be.  The fear is that all of the wealth that we have worked so hard for would be taken from us and given to those who refuse to join us in this century. The point could be made that the One Percent who control 90% of the world’s wealth would be unaffected by globalization.  I think this is true, but I also would also say that the rest of humanity would be little more than slaves.

THOSE  who take great exception to the flag(s) of the Rebel Confederate States rightly point to its connection to slavery.  The point that I often make is that when the Civil War ended, the supposed beneficiaries of the south’s defeat merely exchanged one set of chains for another.  A century and a half later, freedom is still just a dream.  What is different today is the fact that ‘the middle class’ (race or color is irrelevant) is locked in chains of debt, taxation, and corporate greed.

RECENT news is that the Canadian economy is now stronger than
it has been in several years, based on the fact that there are now 70,000 more people working.  Left unsaid is the number of those still out of work.  Also a part of this ‘good news’ is the news that The Bank of Canada is poised to raise interest rates on borrowed money. So, if the Bank of Canada regulates the supply of money on behalf of the federal government, this means that the government is taxing back any economic gains made by the Canadian people.  This is NO different than what is happening down in the States, as the Trump government is cutting taxes and letting the banks pick their pockets.

ANOTHER news item I find particularly laughable is a large Canadian grocery chain is dealing with a Class Action Lawsuit over price-fixing…   bread.  You can bet we are going to go pick up one of those $20. gift cards offered to customers.  What about cereal, milk, meat, and even soup?  People swear when the price of gasoline suddenly rises anytime there is a holiday or some B.S. reason, and yet the oil companies get away with it.
One of the things I was interested in with the election of the Socialist NDP government in our province, was how the new Alberta Government would react to the oil companies shenanigans.  Not a damned thing- in fact, they kept the 4 cent a liter tax that brought down the Alberta Government dynasty, and a few months later tacked on an additional 4 cent/ liter ‘Carbon Tax’.  So much for a government of the people and for the people.

WHAT do we have left, short of rebellion?  CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.  The only thing that is still ‘sacred’ and untouchable about our government and our society is our CONSTITUTION. If we are to have a chance to take back our country from the government and the various interests, we have to use the judicial system  to fight our battles.  A good example of this is how Trump’s anti-immigration policies are being shot down by Federal Courts in states that have little or no stake in the matter.  The one way to defeat a much larger enemy is to get to know the ‘rules’ they operate by and use those rules against them.

IN THE NEAR FUTURE, I am going to seek legal advice on initiating a LAWSUIT regarding foreclosure of homes bought in a rent to own agreement.  I see an area of the law where a lending institution may have some exposure.  It could mean the difference between working until I die, or having some savings to live on.

FYI:  Unfortunately, we have had to disconnect  the COMMENTS boxes for feedback.  In short, way too many SPAM replies.  If you feel the need to comment,  please look for Rebel Flag. ca on FaceBook.


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