Years ago when Canada had the metric system rammed down our throats by the TRUDEAU Liberal government, the justification was that we needed to be more compatible with the European market in order to better trade between our nation and the emerging European bloc.  Some of us noticed something as the measures were being implemented.  Gasoline was being sold in litres instead of Imperial gallons. (4.54 litres) Most of us were unaware that the Imperial and U.S. gallon were not the same. Which, thinking back, might have lead one to believe that vehicles in Canada produced better miles per gallon fuel consumption.  The barrel standard for oil was different as well.  What we called a 45 gallon drum in Canada was a 55 gallon drum in the States.
Initially, gasoline was being sold for almost 1/4 of what it had been under the Imperial system.  This looked good as our neighbors to the south were paying 4 times more than we did here in Canada.  And then, the gasoline price began to climb with the increase in the ‘world price’ of oil, and as taxes on fuel began to climb as well.  Then Canada and the U.S. signed the North American Free Trade deal which tied Canadian fuel to the ‘world price’ in spite of the fact that domestically produced fuels cost considerably less to produce.
The take-home thought here is that with the currency exchange rate, and the litre to American gallon conversion,  the ability to make a valid comparison without the aid of a calculator is difficult.  The result is the government can pile on taxes and the oil companies can play with the price of fuel with impunity because no one with the power to hold the oil companies to account is willing to do so.
When the system for weight measurement was changed, a similar conversion rate confusion occurred.  Meat that sold by the pound was weighed by the kilogram (2.205 lbs.)  Again, you had to accept by faith that the government wasn’t allowing the grocery corporations to fleece the consumer.  These days, when and if you buy meat to take home, you buy what you can afford.
Another measure changed was that of distance.  We went from miles to kilometers.  While the speed limits on highways and roads appeared to increase due to the conversion, things did not change.  If you were doing in excess of 110 on the highway, you were still only exceeding the previous 70 mile per hour limit.  This only added to the confusion as rural roads in Canada were laid out in 1 by 2 mile grids. A mile works out to 1.6 kilometers.  Those of us born too soon to get the metric indoctrination in school at least had the mathematical skills to do the conversion, or at least memorize enough equivalents to get by.
Today, we have Trudeau v2 to  contend with.  Make no mistake, we are still getting screwed over by the international corporations.  That much hasn’t changed.  What is of concern in this age is the movement towards ‘globalization’.  Many of us look at this trend as some biblical conspirists look for the Anti- Christ.  Part of the Globalist movement is the Climate Change threat.  You can make of this whatever you want.  Where this ties in with my anti-metric rant is that we are now looking at the movement of air as a part of Climate Change.
My wife and I live on the top of a hill, so we see some interesting weather, including wind.  Lately, it seems that Environment Canada issues watches and warnings for the kind of weather we once took in stride.  While a 60 mile per hour wind is extraordinary, how much worse does it sound if your mind hears 100 kilometers per hour?  Would that also make you believe that hurricanes have gotten so much worse?
The fact that there are so many sources of chaos to which the government only seems to add fuel to the fire instead of being the voice of common sense and reason, that keeps conspiracy theorists fully engaged.  Stay tuned.

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