Two recent US Presidents had interesting words to say about nations that posed a threat to our way of life.  Another saying I like is this:  “BOMB THEM BACK TO THE STONE AGE”  If you care to google these two phrases, you will find them attributed to Ronald Reagan and George ‘W’ Bush.
Recent developments in North Korea have given me cause to wonder how the situation should be handled. (SEE ABOVE). As an ‘educated ‘ man, I can see how this could quickly turn bad.  The thinking part of me wonders why a basically piss-poor nation like North Korea does not spend what little capital they have to improve their lot rather than build missiles against a non-existent threat posed by democratic and capitalist nations.  South Korea and Japan are good examples of how to succeed in today’s world.
North Korean dictator Kim Jon Un is supposedly western educated, so why be the same asshole as his predecessors? No one is holding a gun to his head to prop up a military elite. Yet, KJU is willing to kill even his own cousin for whatever aim.  This is not a person who deserves to lead a nation- or even live for that matter.
However, if you are Western educated as well as power hungry, you might take a lesson from your sociology class.  One exercise that comes to mind is called SIM-SOC , short for simulated society.  Participants are divided up into groups that represent various groups within our society with different allotments of resources. Spoiler alert:  there is one group that has NO resources.  Since the goal of the game is to continue playing, the other groups must keep the no-resource group in the game.  The bottom line here is that the group with no resources controls the game due to the fact that if they die- the game is over.  So, if your country has little going for it other than a few nuclear missiles, how do you play the game?
Donald Trump’s threats must sound hollow or even laughable to KJU.   While Trump sounds more like a schoolboy than an American President,  I cannot believe that there is not a plan being formulated.  The Korean War of the early ’50s continued as a result of China’s backing of the North Korean Army, and was prolonged due to the fact that no one wanted a direct war with the Chinese.  Would China go to war if North Korea’s nuclear capabilities were wiped out and a MOAB found Kim Jon in his bunker?  Not likely.
I will CALL THE SHOT.  North Korea’s computer system will be hacked.  The power grid will go down.  Global Positioning satellites will pinpoint conventional and nuclear military targets for high altitude precision bombing.  Amped up defenses in South Korea and the sea of Japan will destroy what little may become airborne from North Korea, and of course, there will be a bomb with Kim Jon Un’s name on it.
Will the North Korean military continue a war they cannot win or even survive, or will they realize they have been handed a ticket to freedom?  Like Germany of old, there are brothers and sisters on both sides of the border longing to unite in peace.
NOT REALLY a posting aimed at selling you a CANADIAN REBEL FLAG,  but some things must be said.

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