CANADA 150: Whoopee!!

Proud of our country, but hate the government?  Give Trudeau and our socialist provincial governments the finger this CANADA DAY by buying and flying a CANADIAN REBEL FLAG!!

Truly we have much to be proud of and celebrate as Canadians.  There are those who fought and died in the name of freedom throughout the world- at times changing the tide of world history.  Hats off to our veterans and those who serve today.  There are Canadians whose inventions and ideas have changed how the world does things.  There are those of us whose work helps to feed our nation and the world.  Our energy industry provides ethical, environmentally sound recovery processes that lead the world.  I could go on.
In the near future we will once again have governments that serve the Canadian people with prudent economic policies and common-sense leadership.  As long as there is democracy, the power is in our hands.  If there is a threat to our freedom, we will resist.  It is the heritage handed down to us by our ancestors.

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