IT appears that we have a short memory when it comes to History .  Since things have gotten so much worse, we seem to be forgetting why our previous governments were voted out of power in the first place.  Again, I will state that the regime change  was an ill- advised to attempt to ‘teach the government a lesson’. We are now paying for that mistake, and will be for years to come.
Although our Conservative Governments served us reasonably well, leaving us with balanced budgets or even surpluses through some bad years, they lost touch with the everyday person.  I think the perception was correct when we felt that we were being fed to the oil companies and the banks as there have been no measures to keep the oil companies from sticking it to us at the pumps.  How else can you explain how gas will jump a dime on a long weekend?  Recently, the Syrian bombing by the U.S. raised the pump price by 5 cents- although Syria contributes almost nothing to the world oil supply.  This is just a profit-taking opportunity.  Recent measures by the Trudeau government to raise the minimum down-payment on homes is less about cooling an overheated housing market that about lining the pockets of bankers with increased interest rates in the near future.  We also have the “financial crisis of 2008” where the Conservative Canadian Federal Government brought in laws to tighten up lending laws in Canada.  This was in response to Wall Street precipitating the Savings and Loan crisis through a stock sell-off of heavily leveraged U.S. lenders.  Wall Street sharks sold off these stocks at peak values and picked the bones of remaining companies at bargain basement prices.  It was the everyday person who paid the price for this act of greed.  In the case of Canada,  our banking laws were already tight enough to ensure the situation did not happen here.  Thanks to those unnecessary rule changes made by the Canadian Government in 2008, I may soon lose my home.
What you need to note here is that neither level of government has made any effort to protect the average Canadian from being further screwed by the oil companies and banks, in spite of their socialist ideologies.  In fact, they have simply gotten into line to continue the clubbing.  In Alberta, we have the hope that we will be able to rid ourselves of the NDP government in 2 years. I will say: don’t expect the NDP to go out without a fight. (More on that later.)  The federal Conservatives may have a better time of it when the election is called and Anyone But Trudeau will get the vote.

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