WHAT do you do when our leaders are clearly not acting in the best interests of the people, or the economic health of the province or country?  It seems that there is NO legal means to remove the leader or government from leadership.
IN the past, if they had a king who turned out to be a MORON due to in-breeding, the guy was quietly taken away to some place to spend the rest of his days where he could do no harm. When the Prime-minister, or Premier seems to answer to no one, and act to the detriment of the people- they stand a good chance of being re-elected.  We can only wait for a coming election instead of impeachment, criminal charges, or a competency hearing.
PUTTING it out there for PUBLIC discussion the idea of a province wide BILL 6 style protest to shut down our major highways and freeways to protest the implementation of a CARBON TAX in a few weeks time.  I’m sure that with the NDP’s roots in unionist tactics- the message would become crystal- clear.
THE Carbon Tax will affect everyone in this province- not just farmers.  Those corporations who support the Carbon Tax do so only because they will pass along the added costs of doing business to the consumer- you and I.
WE NEED to take our vehicles out on to the highways and freeways, main roads and streets, and PARK them for an hour or so. (Just leave a lane open for emergency vehicles and bicycles.)  Leave on your emergency flashers and raise the hood, instead of raising a middle finger. They will take notice.
GET out in whatever vehicle you make your living with, or the car or truck you commute to work in- I would go so far as to invite municipalities to take buses and service vehicles out and park them as well.
If you have the strength of conviction to fly a protest banner, I would be happy to sell you a Canadian Rebel Flag. See our ‘Shop Flags’ page.  I will be happy to stand with you.




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