My first blog entry on this website discussed my desire to help foster some patriotic rebellion.  I wrote of my case of ‘Flag Envy’ towards our neighbors to the south.  I was, and still am impressed with their pride in flying the Stars and Stripes.  I could repeat more of the same, but just look up the post for yourself.
My in-laws are transplanted Americans.  One of the things I have learned was that they do not fly ‘Old Glory’ in all kinds of weather.  It is supposed to be taken down when it rains or before storms, and is NOT supposed to touch the ground.  This is done out of a sense of patriotism and respect.
I know.  Red and White:  Our Colors DON’T Run!  
  I can’t argue with this sentiment.  BUT,  I happened to notice while eating breakfast this morning that the unteathered side of my Canadian Rebel Flag was starting to fray.  It should be noted that I have been flying this flag since the first shipment arrived.  It was taken down once before a particularly nasty storm.
The point here is that although this is a top-quality flag material, it will NOT withstand the kind of weather we have been experiencing lately.
  So, if you want your Canadian Rebel Flag (c)  to last, please be kind and bring it in when the weather gets rough.

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